1st day

Monday, August 1, 2011

hari neyh 1st day pose :) hehe...mkn sahor yg trsgt byk kn..tengah hari da lapo..^^
hehe...today perhaps the day i should keep in mind though, to replay that hard word to you aint easy..hehe ;)
bukn sekali k?ingt seng ke nk ckp bnde cm tuh?ntah..ble pk balik ase geli haty, ase happy jap..this happy "myblogentires" moment started..hehe..which rarely to b happening keyh~ yet everything went good so far..alhamdulillah..didnt hardly think to be any further than this, being like this much more secure kn? xde spe nk trse haty sgt ke ape ;) 

tibe2 craving nk aiskrim mcflurry oreo..aigooo~funny n startled over your short words..hehe :) even long way to go, but you did make my heart flutter..wwooaaaa , mesmerizing, shocked, over my own respond though..for even thousands times, didnt even hope i could melt my cold ice heart neyh over you taw...just wanna thank you for make me feel like this, its been a long time like forever, to be felt like today again n again..nak demanding ah..nk esok lusa akn dtg pon cm neyh gk..:)

for being such understanding, to stay firm over my childish n cold-heart behavior neyh~thanks to you..
yes, Y-O-U :) weird entry kali neyh sumea bau2 happy jer..wat else i could ask for? oohh baby u make me feel so real...mengarut da neyh~

Da buln pose da kn...Alhamdulillah....moga kita semua d berkati dlm buln yg mulia neyh..insyaAllah...
mudah2han hari esok esok lebeyh baik dari hari neyh ...insyaAllah, xtergolongla kita dlm golongan  yg rugi :)
feels beyond happy, first time got the chance to fast the whole month back at home, but...kind of frustrated, since the time have no mercy for me. in the blink of an eye, already fly back there..:( hardly breath when think about it..so far ...arghagrh...

ase cdeyh~jaohhh...yet theres absolute advantage i have being far from u, tightened our bond closer kn? hehe :) hopefully la...


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