Hello world ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hello world..
hope your listenin'
the world is ain't no bad
as it paint it to be

today i breath a brand new air,,i woke up with another strengthen faith.i know i can pull this off, i am so sure i can..hopefully if everything meant to be together, hoping it last forever, thats all im asking for. theres no right or wrong having hopes up held high, but the hopes to actually owned it, eventually will only crashed you down instead, most likely swimming in the sea of hopes, but nothings ever pop out to actually bring it to alive. as far as it may goes from here, i am crossing my finger, just  hope this would be the last. finally, i started to loosen up the ropes that hold me one-by-one. i'll try to replace it somehow with the brand new one. we'll see how everything goes from here on.

you come
you filled in that emptiness
for now
i cant hope for more
just like this
more secure
if we were meant to start our diary together
i hope
it will last


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