Thursday, July 28, 2011

instead of "unreal", i'll replaced it with "delusional", hehe :) most likely to be" fiction" as it suppose to be "fact"..
in delusional, i am in the state of unconscious..i live like i meant to be in my dream..i am dreaming out loud...

its been a while since i felt this way, just felt right..but indeed there's still "unprepared" stage here somehow..u know when u felt u are just about to make it through, then u "pause" a while, to take a look at everything, unfortunately, n....sadly, the memory just keep coming back, then i just "stop". for every steps i take, every keyboard button i press, it still cant describe how everything just flew away like it never meant to be happened.

i hope i could own the juice of dandellion which can heal a wound, so that i can use it as long i need it, isnt catastrophe it would be if i can have a vampire feelings,,i can switch off my feelings, n the next thing i know, i felt nothing..i cant be heartbroken then, i will not rolling in deep like i think we could had it all (adele,2011)

n till then..i'll just put this smiley mask back on :)with a little acting u can make your life n others better yet not bitter, if u cant start now, u can still start it somehow, like i'm in the middle like nowhere, i felt i'm all over the place....yes..its not easy, nothings great comes without difficulty, in a mean while, me just me :)

this is the story of mine ;)


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