its been a while~

Monday, July 25, 2011

n dats y i smile...i cant stand to be stand next to my "sorrow", "loneliness" all those shit feelings ANYMORE..
been pulling the best i can, to get out n shout n scream "now, that i'm free", but it will never much i try to convince that everything is over, but deep down here, all those just lying, another manipulative psychic lies..arghrgrh..i want it to be as i imagine, i would ever imagine, yet the shadows just wont leave me alone, keep following me around like i'm some of psychic bitch that doesn't deserve to be happy, not even once..

everyone been through rough , crap tymes in their lives.."be strong, be strong now!" everyone got the chance to be in their eva miraculous place they thought they would be, just work hard, be patient, as long u keep it dat way, insyaAllah, miracles somehow will soon arise :) they have a lot motivational quote here n there, if u cant find anyone dat can actually hear u out when u need 1, so damn leave it, u can manage it by yourself, you got to move on, stay on the track as long as you may live, you've got so much to achieve. y give up now? its only small portion of fireworks dat eventually came at the wrong time, n nevertheless, came from the wrong person. so what? u've been trough a crap tyme b4 too, n make it through, so y not y? believe it, have faith in it..its ok to cry *tringt kt ainaa* :) 

cry isnt meant that u are weak, but you just let everythings out at that time, build your strength so that you  can stay strong and give your time to be tough woman u'll ever be..theres is somehow a little dirty secret that u keep in you, you've to live with it, even a thousands shadows comes along the way to the top, u've just to ignore it, avoid it the best way u can, coz theres no such things as happy ending in our lifes..just b happy, n live your life! that suck tymes dat comes once a while wont change you, wont affect you.

have a lil faith :) it will be just fine


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