still 01:59 pm

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

K, baru sampai umah sumea, then suddenly oohh "adew af eh skrg", not quite sure bab xthu langung bab dorg kan.

then ngh tgk2 tadik smpi la part "ERUL", then my sis ckp he sang lagu "i'll be back" by fav grOup tuh.

then, search la kn, da excited da neyh, kind of cm nk da start minat dye. then start la ...

Its kind of dissapointing though, byk lyrics xsama, n lupe sumea.hmm..bru nk minat.yet he's got a nice voice.nice shottt!! thumbs up to him risking to act sang a korean songs! ^^salute

pe2 pon still 01:59 pm. 2pm in the house yaw!


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