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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dedicated to all my broken hearted people
I’m so sick of love songs. Yeah hate damn love songs. 
Memento of ours… Lies!
I’m so sorry (I’m so sorry), but I love you (I love you more more).

suck isnt it to be in that situation, pushing u away hoping that everythings gona b jz fine but it isnt.

this are the lyrics in the song that is playing ryte now!

Yeah,,,BIG BANG IT IS!! 
the award they received on 2008

BIG BANG is.........

Big Bang has been dominating headlines and generating enormous buzz with news of its comeback after a two-year hiatus, and YG LIFE finally released the tracklist and the first comeback photo shown above to the quintet’s fourth mini album.

BIGBANG Mini 4th Album Tracklist-

Click on the song above to hear them. its all live performance from Big Bang.
Specially dedicated to Big Bang fans out there

to download click here


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