Tuesday, May 17, 2011

this is one of korean game show dat i follow aite now.guess wat?
its Family Outing..
its hard to not love the people in this cast namely daesung, jaesuk, hyori,jongkook,chunhee, yejin, jongshin, kim soroo..

there is this one game called "saranghae" meaning (i love you) which caught my eyes.

jgn ckp mulut berkekeh2 gelak , prot cm nk pecah tgk. ;)
esp tang part daesung..dahla awk tuh muke plik, spe xtrgelak nk tgk. ^^ yet im a fan of him.;)
This is basicly how the game works.njoy!click here


lucky hyori to be kissed by two big bang idol :)

big bang "tonight" njoyy!


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