Friday, December 30, 2011

Its friday....n its 30th December 2011..
for every moment every minute passed..
i'll try to endure it
just have faith
keep holding in here
dont know how long will it last
dont know how much more i have to stay strong
im just tired
like im sort of strong
its just.....hurt
The more im trying to avoid it
The more it comes..haunted me
the more i'm realize...
i cant lie....
Right now..
it isnt the ryte timing to eva think about oll this bullshit.
it's just the moment i kinda need someone
u just cant think of others
it doesnt make any sense
on how 
i'll be so easily touched by every actions
isnt it true..
always trying to hope that theres gona be something more
from the people who dun even realize ur existence
its just sad u know
how would you know
you dun even know what lonely is
always been as unlucky as i always deserved
poor me

be well.
im officially backing off
n again...
do tke cre.
i'll be fine ^^


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