u have a choice

Thursday, May 19, 2011

every lil thin' dat we do, dat we need to get through, comes wif difficulty
bukn sumea bnde yg kite nk, kite syg gle2, dpt cm tuh jer
kdg2 ambk mase, kne byk sbr, tp...adew kemungkinn kite x dpt.

my fren have this one bear called "********", where she felt he's alive.

she talk to him.
she laugh wif him
she cry wif him
she knows she love him
n in fact she knows he love her
yes, it does look like a fairytale
but its not

he will never be hers
n to even realize dats da truth
she cant, she rilly cant
its not she dun even try to move on
but..it not even worth it trying

tears look like water 
but feels like blood

follow her like a shadows
it hurts
she decide
to wait 4 him
even if it means she have to wait forever
dats how she made her choice


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