Thursday, May 19, 2011

There is this one girls whom used to be in love,
rilly in love
she always ask the guy to let her go
wheneva they caught in a fight
"then let me go"
dats the word she most likely 2 say
the guys nvr took it seriously
stil tke a vry gud care of her
wrapped her in his arms

time move on and things got changed
after a 6 month break up
they meet again
but now...its totally different
the girls took the guys role, tke a gud cre of him
b there, comfort him, cheer him up

the guy keep on making her confused
he comes
then he goes
she know there is nothg between them
he keeps on coming back for her 
wats dat rilly mean?

she knows...
she will nvr had a chance to b wif him
only she knows why

she smile n say
"tomorrow will b another brand new day"
"i'll be fine"
dats the lies she kept to herself
from now n on

All her need is jz a lil more tyme
i guess
sure she'll be fine

-the end-


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