day by day

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I rather get struck by a hammer which is impactful but blunt rather then being stab by a knife which is small yet deep.
By now i guess you're starting to dislike me and soon hate me. I better off being hated then befriend by you. Well it is much better off like that right?

kehadapan my love:

i want you to know that
what i feels is real
i have no intentions to leave you
its just..
other things got in the way
dat make me unable to stay 
i wanted to be with you
like real
she didnt allow me too
to even be friend with you
i am hoping that you will stay strong
be well
if you love me let me know

i just cant stand to  see you stay sad anymore
cukup ape yg org prnh uat dulu
im trying not to hurt you
i cant ..
i am just someone that just come along the way
im not trying to destroy what you had with her

who love me too much
i love you too syg.
be well.


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