Wednesday, July 20, 2011

hye :) ase lama sgt plak xupdate hehehe ^^ anyway xde bnde pon nk cter. hari ni nk kongsi ckit, adew satu tahap tuh kdg2 ble kite da alone kn, theres sumhow u kind of feeling "i am so lonely moment started" tuh xthu nk uat pe yg u pk pon sumea bnde sedih yg penah jdik, cm kne dump, kne hina, kne maki, n to make it worst, sumea pon drpd org yg u syg used to it oredi ;) hehehe..hmm..sepanjg cuty yg mmbosankn neyh, rutin harian sememgnyrla..tydo mkn..n again tydo n mkn balik :)

back to da title, hmm..bkn nk ckp ape, maybe unlucky i guess,,xsumea yg kite rncg end up well..n tuh la jdik kat org cm aku neyh..ble u da kne more than once n u just know it there is this big big big possibility yg bnde neyh akn jadik lagi kn..heartbroken...hearted girl...ntahla..aku pon xphm kan kdg2 npe org leyh jadi heartless..

tp..ble pk aku da kne kn..i know then..u just didnt brave enough to move to another step of your life though..which require such "commitment" which i wud say people most likely to  running away of though :) but somehow i able to gain that strength from nowhere to make my own way..ble tke into consideration rather live like this, drpd face that kind of pain kn...

regret?sesalan? my big concern..when im not in my good day, all bad memory come crashing like the heavy rain, dats when i started to question everything, wish i wudn't b like this, but shud be like that..but end up, i wipe away my tears, woke up the other morning, "alhamdulillah" i've been better than before :)

i know i have to choose, keep coming again in between, juz not retrieve everything, come out with totally best out of best for myself, even i have to choose, i choose not to. i can make my own way though.bukn rely ngn org..i know what im capable of.

rejection after rejection, get dumped after one another, hmm..dats the end of a love story should be,,nothing u can wish them to be as perfect as fairytale biggest disraction for now is jang woo young, yang yoseob, who else, oh dear, i cant rilly name them all here,,

woo young oppa~..nomu nomu bogoshipppooooo

nape nk didambakn cinta org yg xpernah hargai kita, apth ag mghrp ape2 drpd dorg neyh..ble kite bleyh hdup tnpa dorg, what make them now? im stronger now, i wud not fall in yur arms anymore, your life yg totally rely on women, or i would say, cud not even live without "girl" next to u, argrhr, to think about it over n over again, make me sick though..think it rationally la bro..ko tuh da besa panjang la..:) *bkn nk mrh apth ag mmbebel heheh :)

i am now at the point where i am totally outrageously happy. kao thu aku dok umah makin bulat tuh..xthu da nk ckp ape da..ngn adew plak kakak yg xreti ckp "x" kn..ko ckp nk aiskrim dye belikn, apth ag ko tuh dok mengidam cm org mengandung dok nk roti tisu choclate la , taw mnx je kn, dye pon belikn jugk..adew aku kisah..hahaahaha :D


to be continued ^^

my yang yeosobie~ saranghae


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