made up lies

Friday, June 3, 2011

i lied
i convince myself that its gonna work somewhere
i told him i'm taken
made up dream guy called "ahmad"
u know wat hurt?
cz it seems like im facing "breaking up" phase once again
again n again
but this time
it felt real
too real
im gasping to get an air
why is this hurting me so much than i thought
i thought its gonna be easy
too real to be truth
he just believed it
he ask me "break with him n coming back to me"
i said "no"
he said "said it outloud"
but deep inside i wish i could just said "YEEEESSSSS" thousands times if i could...
trust me this is not the kind of break up i want it to be
i cant figure out something dat
will make u believe dat this is actually happening
i want u to hate me
so that it is easier for you to forget me
4give me
this is how our love story begins
-the end-

its not a lie
it is the truth
i did declare wif "ahmad"
4give me 4 lying
i need to make it
so it will hurt you
later u will hate me
so that ....
u will only wif her
this is how it works
this is my biggest plan of all
to make you hate me


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