BIG BANG (Daesung's Profile)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BIG BANG (Daesung's Profile)

Kang Dae Sung(강대성), the "Smile Angel"

Position: Singer
Real Name: 강대성 (Kang DaeSung)
Nickname(s): D-Lite (Japanese stage name), Smiling Angel
Birthday: April 26 1989
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: O
Religion: Christian
Family: Parents, older sister (BoRa)
Education: KyeongIn High School
Skills: Singing, dancing, drums
Interests: Doraemon, doraemon, and doraemon
Hobbies: Working out,
Favourite Musicians: Brian McKnight, Usher, Omarion, WheeSung, NeYo
Trivia: Has a strange addiction of Doraemon
TV Appearances: Music Core MC, Star King, Family Outing
Other Features/Collaborations: Nemo
Solo Activity: First Solo Digital Mini Single ‘날봐 귀순 (Look At Me, GwiSoon)’, Family Outing, Cats Musical

Fans praise Dae Sung's humorous personality and astounding vocals and dedicate numerous websites to him.
During the auditions, Dae Sung was called "Unpretty Boy" 
but later on the staff team confirmed that 
Daesung is actually the most popular member in the Big Bang. 
Dae Sung has an obsession with and cannot live without "Doraemon", a Japanese cartoon.

Daesung have a close relationship with lee hyori one of the cast in the Family outing, 
love the way they act towards each other such caring and loving ;) 
you can see that in the picture below when daesung put her hand wrapped around hyori,
 it's like telling us "she is mine", isnt it? hehehehe.. :D

He also has a really great smile and singing voice. 
He was called “The non-pretty boy” during his trainee years, but now look at him! 
He’s HOTT!! and he has a hot body~ hehe.

Dae Sung has been also been known as “Gag/Comedy Genius Dae Sung”
(Gae Chun Dae Sung in Korean) with his great sense of humor and unique talent
in imitating famous people and even animals. 
Dae Sung released a digital song,
 titled. “날 봐, 귀순” (“Look At Me, Gwi-soon“) on June 16, 2008. 
The fact that it was a trot song did not sit well with some fans.

Look at me, gwi-soon ;) watch it during the morning chore at the family outing
superb!! :)

Hereby, i shared wif u oll how this songs works in family outing ;)


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